number of people driving vehicles number of people not driving vehicles number of people interested of having autonomous vehicles number of people interested of not having autonomous vehicles
10 5 13 2

To have a better understanding of public’s views according to autonomous vehicles, I interviewed 15 people to understand their view on autonomous vehicles. Half of people I interviewed drive a vehicle, mostly because their houses were far and it made it convenient to drive a vehicle. Another half of people did not drive, not because they did not want to, but the reasons were “lack of money to own a car”, or “do not have a valid driving licence yet”. Only two people out of 15 was not interested for owning an autonomous vehicle, one thought that the technology was not mature enough and it would not be safe, and another person thought driving by himself was more enjoyable. Most of the people would like to have an autonomous vehicle, because the driver could do other stuff if the car could drive itself. “if I get too drunk, autonomous vehicle would be a good idea.” However, people also expressed their concerns about safety of having the autonomous vehicle, as they would worried about the responsibilities of hitting a pedestrian. I also asked “If vehicles on a road are all autonomous, would you consider it to be safe as a pedestrian walking on the road”, and most of the people said they would not feel it safe. “I don't know if the cars would be capable enough to detect me”, said one of my interviewee. But people also offered suggestions like, “If all vehicles are autonomous, I am assuming that there exists a perfect system of traffic laws for them. So I think it's actually safer for pedestrians, because autonomous vehicles should follow rules better than human drivers.” 


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