The report provided by ITP Metrics correctly reflected my personalities. I scored moderately high for the extraversion part, with relatively high scores in cheerfulness and friendliness. However, l received moderate low scores for excitement-seeking. To improve this, I will take more exciting work instead of the conceptual work, and to seek for adventures in the future.
I had a fairly low score for the emotionality part, with low levels of anxiety, frustration and melancholic. I had moderately low scores for immoderation, self-consciousness and vulnerability. It is good that I am unlikely to become worried about completing my tasks, and I do not easily lose your temper facing the team conflict. In terms of immoderation, although I am ready to join in spontaneous team discussion to help generate ideas, I plan to be more active for joining in on tangent conversations that can lead to innovation.
The report reflects that I have a high level of conscientiousness. I had high scores in achievement-striving, cautiousness, dependability and self-discipline. I am a person who often goes beyond others expectations when taking the job, and I am often prepared and able to execute your tasks without procrastinating. I like to set a schedule for completing tasks, so that I can ensure they would be completed on time. However, I aim to capitalize on your organizational skills to help manage the workflow, and to emphasize the value of being orderly and organized.

I received a moderate score for agreeableness and openness. I am very trusting of others and believe that everyone will follow through on commitments, and I tend to be open to liberal ideologies. I am willing to give my own time to help others and I am sensitive to team members’ feelings and opinions, as I believe my colleagues’ feelings are important to build up a team of great relationships, and everyone can work under great mood. 


  1. Thank for sharing. Considering how your personality may have an impact on your work in a team in Calgary next week. - The CDIO Academy Team


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